Our William’s Gate plant can produce all the protein needs demanded by the foodservice industry – from classic hand-crafted butchery to sausage making, curing, chicken processing, burger production and more. We also have our own fleet of vans and access to the BWG Foods infrastructure, so our world class production facility is linked to a world class distribution network offering nationwide delivery. For our Trade customers, our multi award-winning online ordering platform ShopLink can be accessed 24 hours a day 365 days a year so you can order at a time that suits you. As for customers who prefer a little more interaction, come in and say ‘hi’; our factory outlet here in Galway is open.


At William’s Gate we embrace the complexities of beef. Its quality depends both on where it comes from and how it is matured, and no two cuts are the same. Beef production is one of Ireland’s greatest farming strengths. Expert knowledge is passed from generation to generation and this understanding, combined with Ireland’s favourable climate, as well as our insistence on only working with the finest producers, helps ensure William’s Gate provides you only the best cuts and most sumptuous tasting meat from our team of highly skilled butchers.

Our expertise lies in not only selecting the best beef, but also curating the finest cuts and knowing how to properly age our beef. The result is spectacular tasting beef with a flavour that is truly outstanding. This is the high-end and we’re just as passionate about all our beef offerings; be they dry-aged, wet-aged, custom-blend burgers or smash burgers!

View our Bord Bia accreditation HERE


You need to love lamb to produce lamb. This is as true for butchers as it is for farmers and that care and dedication to our craft is why you can be assured you are only receiving the most delectable lamb from William’s Gate. Butchering lamb requires a finesse that lends itself to true artistry, as anyone who has seen a perfectly ‘French trimmed’ rack of lamb will understand. At William’s Gate we have experienced butchers who can do justice to lamb in all its forms, and we have the training facilities to raise a new generation of butchers who can keep these refined butchery skills alive.


Pork and bacon are extraordinarily versatile and it is this versatility that brings out the creative side in so many butchers. Some butchers like to specialise in sausages, some do ham and a small fraction cure bacon. Here in William’s Gate, thanks to the experience of our specialist team, we do it all. That’s good to know if you’re a foodservice customer – we can be a one-stop-shop for all your pork and bacon needs. ‘But what if I have very specialist requirements?’ you ask. Well, let us know. We do wet ham; dry ham, Limerick ham, crumbed ham, however you like it, William’s Gate can meet your every taste and need.


There’s more to chicken than fillets! There are many chicken cuts that can offer versatile menu solutions that will not only help save you on labour but keep your menu competitive. We have a dedicated space in the William’s Gate factory for butchering chicken. There, our specialist team have the skills to respond to the specific needs of our exacting customers – skin-on, skin-off, bone-in, deboned, French-trimmed… we do exactly what the customer orders. Thanks to our in-house kitchen and training restaurant, we also have the facilities to produce a range of value-added products. This includes chicken in marinades, in sauces, stuffed, and oven-ready for example.


At William’s Gate we produce a complete range of delicious breakfast sausages fresh each day. Using 100% Irish pork we produce everything for the breakfast table to the hot deli counter. Our back, streaky and cooked bacon and our award winning black and white puddings, will compliment any full Irish breakfast offering. We pride ourselves on bringing new ideas to the market and our breakfast patties do just that!


We offer nationwide delivery and are committed to delivering your order in full, on time and in premium condition. We have a brand new fleet of Mercedes Sprinter vans featuring state-of-the-art technology for the safe and efficient transport of chilled food. Our vans use Fleetmatics software. This tells us where each van is at any given time and ensures that we take the most efficient route to our customers.